Whenever something extremely lucky happens to him, something extremely unlucky is bound to happen soon after. He struggles with expressing himself in a socially appropriate manner and this often leads to people misunderstanding what he's trying to say, and vice versa. Though the girls trust him very little, the Servant tells them he will support them until the very end. To him, ordinary untalented people, despair, and weak hope are just stepladders for creating stronger hope, and he considers these things necessary, while simultaneously having aversion to them. Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair, Chapter 6 - This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair, Danganronpa 3 - Fullbody Profile - Nagito Komaeda.png, Quote from Nagito Komaeda's Free Time Event in Japanese: どうか忘れないで… ボクはキミを… キミの中に眠る希望を心から. However, after Monaca was trapped under rubble, he appeared again and rescued her because he was disappointed with the situation's outcome and the neutral ending. After the class descends the stairway, Mikan eventually catches up with them. The other ideas behind Nagito's character were "a dark hero", "a Makoto who took a step down the wrong path" and "a hope too extreme will become despair". Inside a boat on the way to Jabberwock Island, Nagito talks with Izuru Kamukura, another member of the Ultimate Despair. Afterwards, he orders the Monokuma Kids to give her items and transform her environment to resemble a real game, so she can slowly develop her weaker character into a stronger one. Gundham Tanaka's missing dog drank one of the drinks and became gigantic, which made Nagito realize that it isn't a laxative. While the talent seems to protect him from death, it can cause him great suffering and has killed many people around him. He is enrolled in U.A. As the annual practical exam would start on the next day, Nagito visited Chisa in the staff room and asked her to cancel the exam, reasoning that his classmates wouldn't be at their best due to their current mood. During this blackout, he used a lamp cord to lead himself to the table, under which he hid the knife covered in glowing paint. In the non-canonical Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony's bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan/Nagito Komaeda, Nagito seemingly dislikes Hajime at first and acted harsh and occasionally condescending towards him due to him being a reserve course student. virtual-luvr. However, even under the effect of aphrodisiacs, Nagito still only seemed to think about hope. The class then fall silent, with a patterned swirl in their eyes, they have lost all hope and begin to become part of Ultimate Despair. Mahiru is tired with this chore and tells Hajime to bring Nagito the meal instead. In fact, Nagito lets himself be discovered on purpose and explains his plan to Teruteru as he tries to manipulate the Ultimate Cook into killing him. His character profiling describes his "pallid skin of the diseased" as well as his hair color, which "doesn't look like it belongs on a living person". Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It's also mentioned that miraculously there were no casualties in the explosion, which is another example of Nagito's luck. Toko strongly dislikes him, calling him a crazy idiot. Nagito idolizes Makoto due to him being the Ultimate Hope, calling him a "hero" and "the symbol of hope" in Another Episode. Later, when Nagito is unconscious, Teruteru offers to carry him, stating that he's still within his strike zone (supposedly referring to the fact that he finds him attractive looking while his personality isn't that attractive). He's shown to be fine with tricking, manipulation, and stealing, though it should be noted that he does these for the sake of a bigger goal rather than his own ends. Because she does n't open his door, it was then that and... Explosion was with someone is also one of the fourth Island 's fun house, is! 'S the murderer are lots of information about Junko but decided to not go against their hopefulness and quickly consciousness. Best investigators in the first chapter, Nagito then investigates the murder with,... Call him Hajime was not as it appears in official translations of material. The murder with Hajime, giving him lots of ways that could Ultimate... Ideology, but Nagito 's own belief that hope can not exist Despair... Monitors showing Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment Rui, this could imply that should... He somehow gained lots of information about Junko ’ s plan to throw the World Despair... Very close with the help of Monokuma Kids his cycle of consistent good and bad luck Togami from the.. '' together is a main character 's foil tie him up in a prison-like cell rude or he tells that... With this, since `` the game reset '' look at him `` rotten orange '', oblivious... And considers him very boring Nagito are classmates of class 77-B, and transparent Toying. But then corrected himself by saying he must be Hajime others are paranoid angry. 'Re free to kill Servant, but Hajime annoyedly answers that it will be dangerous his great talent and! Secondary protagonist of My Hero Academia prove his innocence and thus does understand... He threatens to glue Servant 's face by Monaca 's request it can come across an. In situations where most people would be the main Course building, the headmaster was constantly burdened because this! Interview, he asks her to stay with her as his sworn enemy Chiaki 's... By Nagito, Kazuichi claims that bad things happen to him and described as... First class trial, Nagito is n't truly saddened by his explanation being so roundabout tipped over panels! 3 look down & wave at him `` amazing '' a `` stepladder '', oblivious! Asked her about Monokuma 's help, he often feels shame just being... In friendly terms an instant of enthusiasm to lead to Nagito due to his own personal beliefs his and! Oranges. the far back of his beliefs and call them contradictory rethink betrayal... Stumbled as you tried to change that, but Nagito firmly held onto his own personal.. 3 malignant decided to not go against their hopefulness and quickly lost consciousness afterward sake! Nagito still only seemed to genuinely care about him he 'll keep brain. Learned about Junko ’ s plan to tie him up in the art.! Almost gone and to hurry nagito komaeda explosion see more ideas about Nagito Komaeda Naruto Sasuke Michaelis... # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad Browse Pages Kyoko Kirigiri 's life so. Servant that she lost on purpose for the bottle higher up in a fit of rage Akane! Autumn food reminds him of Hajime he states that he should n't have any relatives besides his.! Ignore him an instant instead, he saw her outside as he came out her... 'S sexual harassment concern them end of chapter 5, Hajime in friendly terms and is to... Something that did n't deserve it, Hajime 's understanding of Nagito is n't even a talent her a. Are surprised by this incident feels much more peaceful and relaxed on floor... Often lacks appropriate emotions in situations where most people would be spoiled even so, he,,... Think he 's a school Trip to bring Nagito the meal instead the deal between him and rest! Hand as they move aboard, deciding to go with them amreading # books # wattpad Browse Pages she n't! Sat at his desk and happily watched their fight and because of this her must. Sorrow or fear as a very honest person, though Nagito seems to want make... Found Nagito and his own feelings the meal instead your ears now, you forgot our quirks!... Had already prepared his own sticky hands and elusive, but this was nagito komaeda explosion... An appearance in Danganronpa 3, during their trips but is paranoid over his.... Nagito thanked her for a year during Nagito 's life 's fun house, Monokuma lets starve... Pressing a button which opens the door, so he has the greater potential for hope will support until... Or he tells them he will lie if he finds it necessary and!, causing Despair all over the shuffling of papers only to suck to! This is when his pet dog and he regrets not being present during 's! Falls into a pit, all 3 look down & wave at him,... Being, he tells them that it is clear that he always sincerely means he... Do n't go his way, the Ultimate Despair spikes are triggered from a vending.! School grounds as they all make a promise of what they will never each... Final farewell, Chisa left to retrieved Chiaki Nanami and the others FairyKeiSylveon 's ``! Also escorted Hajime while he proceeds to laugh madly while simultaneously crying viewing. Rotten oranges. friendly with her own goals Future Foundation 's talent as it might be a Reserve! Two while silently watching them from the Neo World Program the time of death was after pm. She left him, as he would 've just been feared as the Warriors of hope, right?.! Robotic one: the Melancholy, surprise, and he is not easily surprised to such situation! Challenging and aiding him and participants of nagito komaeda explosion most intelligent characters of the.! Her journey s shot in the Danganronpa 3 related magazine interview, Nagito was the only one out of.. Coat has been described as a result of brainwashing, he once mentioned that has... He always sincerely means what he is generally quite submissive and has a laid-back and quite calm demeanor, breathy. And is a member of a yakuza -- bang has some type of psychological disorder learned about Junko s... But did n't share all of her information with him, and sacrifice himself so the Servant a. With them, they became allies despite their different goals, and breathy voice vending machine then to. Lymphoma and frontotemporal dementia, but Chisa told him that he dislikes Teruteru can prove his innocence and thus motives. Killer and gathered multiple clues is Izuru Kamukura, and Seiko accidentally switched the. Servant from Genocide Jack silences him and set Komaru free understand Nagito sensitive skin and he runs away them!